IEEE Visualization 2004 - Workshop on Parallel Visualization Architectures and Chromium


Start Time End Time Speaker and Affiliation Topic
8:30AM 8:45AM Organizers Welcome note and workshop overview
Session 1: System Architectures
8:45AM 9:15AM Shrijeet Mukherjee, SGI SSI Systems
9:15AM 9:45AM Mike Houston, Stanford University Designing Graphics Clusters
9:45AM 10:00AM   Session Discussion
Coffee Break - 30 Minutes
Session 2: Software and Toolkits
10:30AM 11:00AM Hank Childs, LLNL VisIt
11:00AM 11:30AM Ken Martin, Kitware ParaView
11:30AM 12:00PM Praveen Bhaniramka, SGI Parallel Rendering using OpenGL Multipipe SDK
12:00PM 12:15PM   Session Discussion
Lunch Break - 90 Minutes
Session 3: Chromium
1:45PM 2:45PM Brian Paul, Tungsten Graphics Introduction and Architecture
2:45PM 3:45PM Brian Paul, Tungsten Graphics Parallel Rendering
Coffee Break - 30 Minutes
4:15PM 5:00PM Brian Paul, Tugsten Graphics Chromium in Practice
5:00PM 6:00PM   Workshop/General Discussion