Interactive Furniture Layout Using Interior Design Guidelines

Paul Merrell, Eric Schkufza, Zeyang Li, Maneesh Agrawala, and Vladlen Koltun

Conditionally accepted to ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proc. SIGGRAPH 2011)

We present an interactive furniture layout system that assists users by suggesting furniture arrangements that are based on interior design guidelines. Our system incorporates the layout guidelines as terms in a density function and generates layout suggestions by rapidly sampling the density function using a hardware-accelerated Monte Carlo sampler. Our results demonstrate that the suggestion generation functionality measurably increases the quality of furniture arrangements produced by participants with no prior training in interior design.


A high-quality version of the video can be downloaded for offline viewing here (DivX, 127 MB).


Eighteen participants arranged furniture in five rooms, starting from initial disorganized configurations (a–e). Layouts produced with and without suggestions were evaluated through blind pairwise comparisons by professional interior designers (bottom). Results for (a–d) indicate a statistically significant preference (p < 0.01) for layouts produced with suggestions, according to a two-tailed independent single sample t-test.

Layouts produced by participants without (left) and with suggestions (right). From top to bottom: Living room a, living room b, game room, piano room, living and dining room (click to enlarge images).