Silhouette Maps for Improved Texture Magnification

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Let's take a look at some of the results of the full algorithm once filtering has been added. The top row here shows a set of images with complex textures.

The middle row shows us the result of using the nearest-neighbor silhouette map algorithm. This gives us the pixelated results we had seen before.

If we filter properly and respect the boundaries, however, we get the results shown in the bottom row. You can tell they look much better! For example, look at the image of Africa on the Earth image. Where it was pixelated before, it is now smoothly blended. The discontinuities remain sharp, but everywhere else the texture has been filtered to reduce pixelation. The same can be clearly seen with the closeup of the shield.

As presented at SIGGRAPH/EUROGRAPHICS Graphics Hardware 2004
by Pradeep Sen on August 30, 2004