Silhouette Maps for Improved Texture Magnification

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We have to be careful when filtering down a large image to generate the low resolution RGB color samples, however. For example, here we start off with a high resolution, 1024x1024 image of planet Earth. If we convert it into a silhouette map texture 64x64, we have to be careful when we average down the RGB samples not to average across the discontinuities or we could cause problems.

On the right we show what it looks like when the texture is properly filtered when downsampling from the original.

[ Note: When the image for this slide was generated, the antialiasing removed some of the silhouette map cell borders so it appears that it is a 32x32 silmap instead of a 64x64 silhouette map. ]

As presented at SIGGRAPH/EUROGRAPHICS Graphics Hardware 2004
by Pradeep Sen on August 30, 2004