Assignment 3: Macro
Elizabeth Doyle
Requirement 3: Bugs
Requirement 1: Foreground
This is one of MANY photos that I took of this little caterpillar using the widest aperture on my camera, f/2.8. That made it really hard to keep the little guy in focus since I did not have a tripod with me, so I was glad to get this shot that shows his speckles nicely.
In order to make the scene a little more dramatic, I darkened the shadows and brightened the highlights in photoshop. The green was fairly bright on its own, but I emphasized it a little more to capitalize on the glowing effect. A small sliver of sunlight was naturally hitting the fencepost right where the caterpillar was, so it was a bit of glow that attracted my eye to him in the first place. I think he was about 1.5 cm long.




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