Assignment 5: Still Life
Jonathan Kotzin: Vanity
This photo satisfies requirements 1,2, and 4. The photo represents the theme of vanity with the classic symbols of a musical instrument (the violin), a rose (the white rose), jewelry (the pearl necklace), and money (the glass filled with coins). I vase was simply to add a roundedness, as well as I thought the tone of the wood fit well. Much thought went into the background and the lighting. I let a little of natural light through the blind onto the violin to let the varnish shine.
I also added the natural light with a well placed lamp to reflect off of they varnish of the violin as well as the vase. The background was a red satin sheet which I thought fit perfectly for the theme of vanity. I used a draper with a lighter color to let some light in and to give the photo a slightly warmer feeling.
Jennifer: nice composition




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