Assignment 6: Landscapes and Nature
Charlie Lin
This is the after image. First, in RAW editor, I boosted the contrast, sharpness, and vibrancy. A global edit is that I cropped this image to cut out some of the sky and the sand that I felt did not add much to the picture. After that, I needed to work on the haziness of the image that really dulled the pictures. I applied a color balance layer to boost the blues, which I only applied to the sky area. This made the different shades of blue in the background visible, such as the dark clouds in the sky.
Fixing the colors in the sky was my first local edit. Secondly, I applied a tone curve layer to boost the contrast and color saturation. However, this made the actual rock formation's colors look off from what I intended (the golden color present from the evening sun). Thus, I only applied the tone curve to the sand and the ocean. This had the nice effect of making the rock formation's reflection in the sand much more vibrant.
Jennifer: great job boosting the impact of this photo




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