Assignment 6: Landscapes and Nature
Christina Goeders: Man and His Best Friend
Requirement #4: texture
I took this with my XSi and 18-55mm lens at 33mm and with ISO 200 in aperture priority mode. I wanted to keep much of the image in focus, so I used an aperture of f/11 (which meant a shutter of 1/200 second).
I was watching a man roaming along the beach with his dog, so I knelt down in the sand to take this picture of the footprints and pawprints. Because the colors in this image weren't very interesting, I decided to make it black and white in Photoshop and also add a black border. I made some adjustments in Curves to ensure the contrast of the bright sand with the shadows in the prints.
Andrew: I love this shot! (I'm heavily biased towards dogs)
Christina: awww thank you! :)
Jesse: This is simply fantastic! (Obviously, since it was shown to the entire class.)




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