Assignment 7: Night and Color
Chris Alika Ah New
This photo satisfies requirement 2 (Painting With Light). I turned off all the lights, and pointed a bicycle light (white LED) at the ceiling above the flowers to give the scene some light. With this amount of light, I was able to get a well exposed picture of the flowers using ISO 80, aperture f/4, and exposure 15 seconds. I used a low ISO for low noise and opened the aperture up as much as I could to allow more light in (I was zoomed in, so f/4 was the widest I could open the aperture).
I would have liked to be able to take a longer exposure to allow more time to paint with the light, but 15 seconds was the longest exposure I could get on my camera. I used a red LED from a bicycle light to paint with. I attached the light to a string and swung it around the flowers. I was using a tripod, so I wasn't worried about camera shake, but I still had problems with motion blur from the flowers moving. When I swung the light around the flowers, sometimes I would hit the flowers and they would move.
Or sometimes if I moved too much, the table would shake, making the flowers shake. With such a long exposure, any small movements will show up in the image. This picture was one of the few that didn't have any motion blur. I wanted it to look like something was flying around the flowers.
In Photoshop, I increased contrast, decreased brightness slightly, and cropped the picture slightly.
Jennifer: wow the colors here are great!




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