Assignment 7: Night and Color
Alvin Chow
This is a photo of the Clark Center at night, shot from the third story. Obviously this was shot on a tripod. I used a wide focal length (14mm) to get a sweeping view of the building. Aperture f/8 for large depth of field, which necessitated at 13 second exposure. Auto exposure worked fine in this case. As far as composition goes, I didn't want it to to be too symmetrical, and wanted the eye to be lead from one side of the building to the other (so I shot at one of the "corners".
Did some minor Photoshop post-processing, adjusted white balance slightly (was a bit greenish out of camera), recovered some highlights with shadow/highlights and added contrast via curves (especially in the shadow region).
Focusing in these kind of shots is usually not too critical, but I focused on the railings on left to get some balance between close and far object focus (didn't have time to figure out my hyperfocal distance). 14mm at f/8 kind of gives you tons of DOF anyway.




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