Assignment 7: Night and Color
Joseph Marrama
I took this photo halfway up to the dish on sunday night. I intended to use this vantage point for the panorama for last assignment but I got kicked out of the dish area before I could take shots here, so I thought I'd use it for this assignment. I took each photo with a 30 second exposure, f/6.3 and ISO 400. I would've used a higher f-stop to get more in focus, but I couldn't lengthen my exposure time past 30 seconds.
I like how this turned out, although it could've been a little bit better if I had a telephoto lens. I wanted to get the lights by the bay to show up in detail but as you can see, they just look really distant. I decided to compromise and just take a panorama of the whole landscape instead, including the foreground. I like how it fades to black on either side where the hill blocks out the lights. I especially like how it fades to black on the right with that ominous dead tree lurking in the foreground.
This is for requirement 1. I didn't do any post processing on the image other than stitching the image together and filling in the bottom right corner with black.
This looks much better and sharper in full resolution, but picasa wouldn't let me upload such a large file. [note: click the photo for the full size]




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