Assignment 7: Night and Color
Stephen Lesser: Inner Struggle
This photo is meant to represent a struggle between good and evil. I chose good and evil because the only lights I had were red and blue and they seemed like the archetypal good and evil colors. This shot is basically a double exposure of my friend Yi with me outlining her in a fighting position with a light and drawing a weapon.
The red light is my rear bike light. I guess it does not stay constantly on because you can see especially in the spear that the light seems to flicker very fast on and off. The blue light is a pen that I got a career fair that lights up blue. For each of the pictures Yi stood on the edge of the frame and assumed a fighting position.
I used my remote trigger to start the exposure and then quickly outlined her with whatever light I was using. I then took both the pictures into Photoshop and simply raised the black value so more of the background would turn black and then composited the pictures together by using a screen blending mode. I also did some minor cropping.
I used a long shutter speed of 15 seconds to give me enough time to outline Yi. I used ISO 100 and f/4.0 so the lights would give a solid amount of glow without saturating.
This photo meets requirement 2 because it is painting with light.




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