Assignment 7: Night and Color
Wajahat Qadeer: BIOX at night!
For this shot I used hyperfocal distance to set the focus. I set the focus at the hyperfocal distance for f/11 at 17mm but changed the aperture to f/16 before taking the pics. The results are truly amazing and the pic is plenty sharp. For this pic I merged two exposures, one exposed for the night and the other done for the windows.
I didn't use HDR merging because I don't like its results but I use a photoshop action that I found on some forum that merges one dark and one bright pic without any trouble. As you can see that there is plenty of detail in the windows and they are not completely blown out while the pic is properly exposed (at least according to my monitor). I used a tripod and for the first time a remote switch since my exposed for the night exposure was 4 minutes long
This pic meets Requirement 1: An Outdoor Night Scene
In photoshop I converted the pic to black and white but gave it high contrast b&w feel. I know that the angle is unusual so I am not sure people will like it esp since the pic also has high contrast b&w treatment too.
Eddy: Also, for a different set of Clark pictures, see William's photos here:
Eddy: Well, I really like the result in B&W (color's nice too, but high contrast works well here), especially the curve of the horseshoe at the top.
Wajahat: Thanks Eddy! I also like it in B&W.




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