Assignment 8: Portraiture
Art Tosborvorn: Peter
Again, a sentimental portrait of Peter taken during section. The background was a white projector screen. I used regular camera settings: f/6.3 to get enough depth of field across his face, and exposure time of 1/25 sec.
Three lights were used in this picture. One was the key light from the left (where Peter was facing), another was a fill light from the right using a soft box, and the third was a background light to get rid of the shadow on the background.
Some post-processing were done. I converted the photo to black-and-white, with a hint of brown in the picture. I also adjusted the contrast using curves, with part of Peter's right shoulder left out (otherwise it will be blown out.) Then I added a linear gradient on the left to get rid of an unwanted vignette. I also did some selective sharpening at the eyes, lips, and his ear.
The spark in his eyes, interestingly enough, were from two different light sources. The one in his right eye was from the key light, and the one on his left eye was from the fill light. With good lighting combined with Peter's great facial expression, I really like how this picture turned out.
This photo meets requirement 1 - indoor traditional portrait.




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