Assignment 8: Portraiture
Davin Singh: Non-photorealistic Combination
For this picture, I decided to have an image of my friend appearing to juggle or levitate bottles around her head. I first started with a photograph of my friend sitting in an armchair holding the bottle in her right hand and having her left hand outstretched to the side. Then I had my friend hold the bottle over her head in different positions and I took photographs of each. All the photographs were taken from the same angle and using the same camera settings to maintain consistency.
In photoshop, I then applied each of the subsequent bottle shots as a layer on the original photograph and used a combination of masks and clone tools to selectively have only the bottle and a bit of the surroundings while removing my friend's hand from each bottle. Then I flattened the whole image and adjusted the contrast and brightness. I also selectively brightened the area of the bottles and darkened the lower portions of the picture.




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