Assignment 3: Macro Photography


Brandon Herzog: Inchworm


-Requirement 2: Focus on the midground & Requirement 3: Bugs-

This is a picture of a small inchworm I found outside my dorm. I focused on the worm's head so that the closer parts of the tree and background fall out of focus, emphasizing the vertical world the inchworm lives in on the tree. The heavily out of focus bright reflections from cars in the background create interesting effects in the blurry world beyond the worm.

I was shooting outside in bright light, so I set the camera to ISO200 so that I could use a fairly large aperture along with a long focal length to achieve shallow depth of field. I chose not to avoid the strange lens flare effect, since I thought it fit ok with the composition.

Sharped the image a little bit in Photoshop and boosted the contrast.

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