Assignment 4: Architecture and Interiors


Giancarlo Garcia: Mad scientists at play


This image satisfies requirement #5 (interior panorama)

This is an indoor panorama of our lab composed of 10 images. It's a pretty small room, so the distortion is particularly noticeable and this is part of the reason I chose this space. I set my camera to ISO400 for the indoor shot. In order to keep the exposure as high as possible I opened the aperture as wide as possible at the 18mm focal length (F3.5). The exposure was 1/80s.

I inverted the colors using the "glowing edges" filter under filters>stylize. I liked the effect because it highlights all of the colorful details in the room. These include the name on the gloves box at the right ("microflex"), the outline of the optical table and microscope. All the wire and tubing outlines in the room. My favorite part are the colorful test-tubes in the shleves at the middle left of the image.

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