Assignment 4: Architecture and Interiors


John Jessen


This photo was taken while a few friends of mine were enjoying some free time in a dorm room in Roble. While the rooms of Roble aren't entirely exciting, I thought I would liven one up by having a particularly strange friend of mine named Shine pose in three different photos, so I could then stitch the three together in Photoshop. This allowed me to obtain a view of the entire room, and present the impossible and (to some) the horrific: three Shines.

If you look closely you might also notice a 6th person (if you count the three Shines and separate people) hiding behind a desk and chair in the bottom middle of the frame. This was a ProFro (Pre-Freshman for those not in "the know") hiding in the space designated her by her evil Room Host fiendishly smirking just above her.

The room was relatively dark so I used a somewhat high ISO (400) and a fast exposure (1/10) to lighten things up. I took three photos and used photomerge in photoshop to combine them.

This photo satisfies requirement 5 (panorama interior).

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