Assignment 6: Landscape and Nature


Wendy Mu: sunrise


Requirement 2: Improve on Nature with Photoshop
Requirement 3: Panorama
Requirement 5: The Golden Hour

This was taken on the same trip to Lake Lag as the previous pictures. This also satisfies the golden hour requirement because it was taken a little after 6:20 am.

I wanted the plants in the foreground and the trees in the background to be in focus, so I used a smaller aperture of f/22.0.

I used Photomerge in PS to merge 10 pictures together into this panorama. Afterwards, I cropped the picture and changed the brightness in various parts of the picture to make the sky slightly darker and more vibrant, and the grass lighter. I also locally edited the fog because it was bright after my global edits, so I changed it so it was about as bright as in the original image.

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