Assignment 6: Landscape and Nature


YiiWen Chuah: under the rays, we picnic.


requirements fulfilled: golden hour, S-curve

The tree branch across the top of the photo is S-shaped and nicely frames the people having a meal on the picnic table under the trees. There was a big barbecue party happening nearby, and the copious smoke billowing from the grills had made the sun's rays visible as they shone through the tree branches.

I spot-metered off the people and made sure to catch almost all of the branch going across the picture. The highest part of the S-curve wasn't clear because that part was dark, so i increased the exposure of the leaves surrounding that part of the branch to ensure the curve continued smoothly. I decreased exposure in the lower half to balance out the darkness of the top half. I cropped the photo to get rid of too much foreground and distracting litter on the ground.

requirement also fulfilled: improve on nature with Photoshop

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