Assignment 1: Bad Photos


Julianne Gould


Set in a pitch black room, the only light geisha Hello Kitty can gaze at her reflection through is that of the vanity mirror. The black leads to the unknown surrounding her, even the fact that she is not facing the camera directly creates this foreboding, eerie feel. It seems as if there is more to her than appears.

To create this eerie, almost sad feeling of geisha Hello Kitty, I underexposed the image. The room was pitch black, and I left the exposure low (1/5 second). The light from the vanity mirror was the only light in the entire room. To create this angled image, I shot from the upper right of the statue, and I made sure to angle the mirror so that from the angle of the shot you would be able to clearly see her face and what the statue is.

Part of the reasoning behind the mirror and the underexposure, is that because it is so dark you can only see the outline of what the statue is, but you cannot tell it is Hello Kitty dressed in an elaborate costume. That is the purpose of the mirror, both to shed some light on the statue but also to show the audience what it is they cannot see in the dark.

This creates the eerie, feeling. You can't see the dark figure, except for a face in the mirror. Is there something more to this statue? A deeper emotional conflict? Who knows...

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