CS 178 - Digital Photography: Best Photos (Spring 2011)

The best photos from the weekly assignments for the Spring 2011 version of CS 178 - Digital Photography. These photos are the best of a pool of over 500 pictures submitted for each assignment. Click any thumbnail to see the image, or click the assignment name to see the requirements for that assignment. Once on that image's page, you will see the comments posted by the photographer, as well as any relevant comments from section leaders and students. You can click on the picture from that page to see the full-sized image. Like any student creation in a university course, these photographs are the property of the students who took them. They should not be used without the permission of the student. Your cooperation is appreciated.

Assignment 1: Bad Photos

Krista Lauren Kevin Yashraj Dorna Julianne

Assignment 2: Sports and Action

Coral Alisha Lingyun Kim Chynna David

Assignment 3: Macro Photography

Krista Laura Lingyun Kseniya Sudarshan Lara Jessica

Assignment 4: Architecture and Interiors

Ervin Matt Clement Nic Stuart Larisa

Assignment 5: Still Life

Jessica Jessica Travis Travis Pedro Matt Christine

Assignment 6: Landscape and Nature

Lingyun Nic Jessica Elina Lucia Hark

Assignment 7: Night and Color

Eric Min-Chieh David Rehan Jasmine Celeste

Assignment 8: Portraiture and Light

Matt Krista Ervin Jonah Rehan Chynna Yashraj