Assignment 2: Sports and Action


David Liu


I took a burst of photos of a cartwheel and composited them together in Photoshop. Unfortunately the base image didn't have enough space around the subject, so I had to extend the scene horizontally, and I tried to minimize the seam by using soft brushes on the layer mask. The photos were shot at a fast shutter speed and wide aperature (f/4.0) to keep the subject sharp and separate her from the background. Color was modified using Curves tool in Photoshop.

It's all done with layer masking; I painted carefully around each copy with varying brushes, mostly with brush hardness set to 0% so that the edges aren't very obvious. I also color-matched one of the images with a Curves adjustment layer. After final adjustments; I applied a whole-image color adjustment with Curves and Photo Filter adjustment layers.

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