Assignment 2: Sports and Action


Kim Thai: Coasting


Here, I used my standard kit lens with Nikon D40. To take this photo took me many tries. It was hard to stay stabilized on the longboard and not rock back and forth while trying to move and keep myself balanced. I took this photo in a hallway that had a handrail to help move myself. I placed the camera at the nose of the board.

Then I put a chair next to me for support. I found Christmas lights and draped them on the handrail and chair. I knew that I wanted to have the background look like I am moving so I aimed for a long shutter speed and large aperture. The room was fairly dark, but the camera detected the lights so I used an ISO of 400.

Also for photo processing, I only decreased the vibrance a little so that you can focus on the shoes more, since they are the subject of the photo.

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