Assignment 4: Architecture and Interiors


Larisa Masalimova: The Palace of Paradox


I took this picture in Denver Capitol Building. It was quite dark inside so I increased ISO to 200 and used the widest aperture. This way I didn't have problems with blurring. This was an aperture priority mode, so the shutter speed was chosen automatically. As you can see the columns are parallel and thus there is no vanishing point. I slightly used the photoshop to transform the perspective, though it was no as much required.

This picture might seem simple...but it is not..The paradox here can be noticed only by very attentive viewers!

The reflection in the "water" is not correct and actually shows a different though similar view to the one above. Why? Because it's not water, I used photoshop to create a rippled effect. In reality there were 2 floors but the picture seemed pretty boring just like that, so i changed it in order to puzzle the viewer and let one think about the picture.

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