Assignment 4: Architecture and Interiors


Matt Bush


Flower arrangement and framed painting through a door frame, viewed from the entrance hall of Filoli mansion. I used the largest aperture available to my kit lens at a good focal length, and ISO 400, which gave me a shutter speed of 1/10: risky for handshake, but luckily Image Stabilization worked well. The original image was very busy looking. One way I mitigated this was to use a negative Clarity value when importing from RAW, which softened the harsh details of the foreground and background door frames.

Even with this change, the photo was busy, with a bright green leaf poking into the frame from the left, and a disorienting blueish-yellowish glow to the background that was difficult to manage with Color Balance. To solve this, highlight the enticing colors of the fresh flowers, and draw attention to the subject of the painting, I desaturated the entire photo except for the flowers and painting, and enhanced the reds, magentas, and yellows that remained.

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