Assignment 7: Night and Color


Celeste Noche: Washington Avenue


When I took this photo, I wanted a large depth of field to keep all of the house's details in focus so I used f/9. Normally, this would mean that I'd need more light elsewhere, but since it was a very clear day, I was able to take the photo with at ISO 100 and shutter speed 1/100.

In the original photos, a lot of the photo is green because it's a green house with a lawn and the surrounding flora. To highlight the smallness of the house, I decided to make the green stand out against a black and white background. To do this, I first saturated the colors in Photoshop then created a black and white layer. I then used a layer mask to "delete" the black and white where the green was visible in the original photo.

Initially, I only colored the house, but I thought it looked a little lonely so I decided to use the green in the two trees on either side of the house to balance out the photos a little more. In the bush at the bottom right of the house, there were pink flowers but I didn't want them to distract from the green so I left the flower buds in greyscale.

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