Assignment 7: Night and Color


Min-Chieh Ho


Light source used is an LED flashlight, with which I can turn off the light in between the strokes.

I drew these by standing behind the piano; I thought about practicing it and doing this in the horizontally flipped way, but then realized it's easier to do it the usual way, and then flip the photo in photoshop.

Since my camera can have a maximum exposure of 30 sec only, this is done with 3 shots and then combined with layers / masks in photoshop. The first photo has the treble clef and the first two sets of notes; the 2nd one last two sets of notes, and the 3rd one with the piano keyboard illuminated.

I used the unsharp mask to sharpen the piano keyboard; adjusted the contrast / birghtness for the notes to get the consistent brightness between different pictures.

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