Assignment 2: Sports and Action


Jesse Benck


I also took this photo at Shoreline Park in Mountain View. This bird was swooping down to land in the lake. I like the sharp bird in the foreground against the out of focus building and trees in the background. I actually took this shot using shutter priority mode a 1/1250 s shutter speed and ISO 200. This resulted in an aperture of f/5.6. After taking the photo, I used Adobe Camera Raw to adjust the white balance, increase the contrast, increase the clarity/local contrast, increase the saturation, and remove lateral chromatic aberration. Additionally, because the bird was moving around quite quickly, it was quite close to the top of the frame in the original photo, which made the composition a bit awkward. I used Photoshop to add some more blue sky above the bird with content-aware fill. This technique worked well since the sky was a fairly uniform color and did not contain any fine details. The resolution of this image is actually larger than the photo straight out of my camera.

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