Assignment 2: Sports and Action


Robert Hart: Face


Camera settings: 4 sec., F/3.5, 12mm, ISO 200, auto focus
Set-up: Handheld in a dark room. I am holding the camera and walking around my girlfriend who is standing still so the motion frozen is the camera's motion. The side exposures are of the same side of her face as I found it easier to return to the same spot as the first exposure than continue around. She is holding my phone at her waist. The phone is running a strobe light app and the light is coming from the camera LED. The strobe is set to 1hz with a duty cycle of 50ms (i.e. the flash went off three times in the 4 sec. exposure for 1/20s each time).
Image processing: Crop to center image, levels to lighten it, and I moved the impression on the right slightly in Photoshop so it was not overlapping.

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