Assignment 7: Night


Catherine Chuxu Lu: Milky Way @ Klamath Falls


I took this photo at a goosery (a farm?) in the town of Klamath Falls near Crater Lake in Oregon last weekend. First I checked the cloud cover that evening (the one that has least cloud cover among my three days trip) and used an iOS app for checking light pollution to find this place, which is the darkest one nearby. I got there at 1:00 am but found the moon was too bright and the stars were not that obvious after trying several photos. I waited to 2:00 am until the moon has fully fallen down. I first set the exposure time as 20 seconds but I thought the stars were not enough. :P Then I increase the exposure time to 30 seconds and found it amazing! It is my first time to see the milky way in my life. It is so splendid! What's terrifying is that you can even hear wolves howling (also my first time to hear such voice...) I got a bad fever the next day, but I consider this photo is worthy! Also, I think it would be better if I had some foreground such as a house, but in this open field the only probable foreground I can find is that tree. Coincidentally, from my point of view, the milky river seems to just fall on the top of the tree!

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