Assignment 7: Night


Victoria Savikhin: Tied Up


I took a photo of this white dog a while ago as it was waiting outside a store for its owner. It looked really bored, so I decided to make its world a little more exciting.

I got the dog ready by converting the photo to black and white using the minimum of all channels (since the dog was in shades of white & gray), which made the background mostly black. I finished up the job with a black paintbrush and fixed the contrast on the dog.

I propped up a camera pointing at a wall, and used a red laser pointer to draw some fun objects in the dark. I used a 30 sec exposure, f/29, ISO 100, and a 34 mm focal length for these photos (the Exif data is for the dog). I made all these image into black&white using maximum red and magenta channels and minimum for all other channels.

Then I placed each image separately onto the dog as a new layer, blended with "lightness" mode so that they could successfully overlap the dog. I erased extra noise from these images as needed. I also scaled each image as necessary. For each layer, I selected a different color balance, and increased the saturation as needed. As a final step I flattened the image.

I probably could have done this in 1/10th of the time using some photoshop brush to draw the shapes. But it was kind of fun to figure out how to do it this way, and I had other homework to procrastinate on.

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