Assignment 6: Landscape


Robin Perani: A Burnt Piano


"The best camera is the one you have with you" - Marc Levoy.

I was at an art exhibit and saw this grand piano which had been torched and burned. I loved the contrast of the manmade, straight shape of the keys with the natural, disordered charcoal taking over. I focused on these 6 keys because three are fairly straight while the other three are falling apart, which created asymmetry. The theme of nature taking over human creation was very powerful, and I had to submit it. Unfortunately I only had my iPhone and could not control aperture, and hence took a photo with a shallow depth of field. However, I fixed this by cropping the portion of the photo in greatest detail, which was the set of six keys so that the texture is evident.

Using curves in Photoshop I was able to remove some of the highlights in front while increasing contrast throughout to enhance the texture of the charcoal. I then lowered the vibrance and saturation to make the photo black and white, which made the relief of the cracks and highlights even more pronounced.

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