Assignment 8: Portraits


Dave Dolben: Spiral in Time


For this image, I took a photo of a watch in my room, under basic overhead lighting conditions. I brought it into Photoshop and cropped out everything except the watch face itself, using a circular marquee tool. Then, I used the Photoshop Pixel Blender filter designed for the Droste effect. The filter basically does this kind of manipulation almost completely automatically. The only things I had to change were how much rotation and how many levels of "recursion" I wanted in the final image.

From there, I cleaned up the image a little, editing out little specks of dust that appeared on the watch face in the portions where the image was supersampled a lot, which made the specks more obvious. The image was taken in aperture priority mode with an aperture setting of f/7.1. I had to use a tripod, because in order to get a decent exposure I had to shoot at 1/13 shutter speed, and the tripod was necessary to remove hand shake blur.

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