Assignment 8: Portraits


Rachel Rosenberg: Jump!


This was my favorite picture this week. To achieve this affect, there were several steps. First, this is a self-portrait. I had to lay on my back in front of a black background during the golden hour to give myself a natural glow. I ran back and forth with the timed shutter release quite a few times to get the positioning correct.

Then, in Photoshop, I cut myself out of the background and flipped the cut image. The day before, I walked the dish to take the background photograph. I wanted a picture with a lot of sky and a vantage point that I would be able to use later on. Then, I flipped this photograph 180 degrees. Lastly, I placed myself just at the vanishing point of the road, so that my hair flew up into the pavement.

This is supposed to give the illusion that I am jumping or falling into the sky!

The top photograph was taken with a large aperture and short shutter speed, while the background was taken with a small aperture and a long shutter speed, both around the same time of day.

The exif data below is for the self portrait layer.

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