Assignment 6: Landscape


Jackie Kim: Sunset Grazing the Silver Lining


One of the two pictures in this set taken with my portable travel camera. Taken around 7:30 PM. The sunlight is pouring down right from the west, slightly above the horizon, casting the human figures and the installation as dark shadows (so it's essentially the cloud blocking the grazing sunlight). It was instead grazing the surface of the cloud which was slanting down westward. I like how something's weird about this photo (it might be the tower in the back "supporting" the cloud sliding down), so I kept the huge installationshadow on the left as it was. This was taken at the foot of a hill, so I adjusted the horizon slightly so that it's flattened as opposed to curved. This could have been a texture photo as well.
Shutter Speed: 1/747 sec (Google Photos rounded it up), Aperture: f/6.1, ISO: 64. I don't have much command over F numbers with my smaller camera, but I guess 6.1. was good enough with a focal length of 7.5mm, as even the clouds that are far away appear relatively sharp. Cropped to emphasize the diagonal cloud.

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