Assignment 6: Landscape


Jing Xiong: sunset at coyote hills


This sunset photo was taken at the Coyote Hills Regional Park. Aperture priority mode was used. A small aperture was used to have a deep depth of field. 8 images were stitched together to form the panorama. The photo was chosen to satisfy requirement 2. It also met requirement 3 - panorama and requirement 5 - golden hour.

A few mask layers were created to make local and global adjustment. Vibrancy was first adjusted globally, then locally with gradient filtered masks. Exposure, color balance were adjusted locally with gradient filtered masks to segment different areas. An inconsistent lighting area in the sky from stitching was removed with the healing brush tool. It took a long time to wait for the sunset that was at 8:11pm. It was very windy on the hills. Got sick afterwards.

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