CS 248 Spring 1994 Rendering Competition

CS 248 Spring 1994 Rendering Competition

CS 248 - Introduction to Computer Graphics
Spring quarter, 1994
Instructor: Marc Levoy
Teaching assistants: Apostolos Lerios, Dan Goldman, and Lisa Forssell

Gunnar Farneback

Gunnar's competition entry was a 31 frame movie of an exploding vase. Shown above are thumbnails of frames 1, 11, 21, and 31. The original frames (after JPEG compression) can be retrieved by clicking on the corresponding thumbnail. The full MPEG movie (37KB) is also available.

Gunnar used his custom animation system to generate this movie. The exploding vase is modeled as a particle system. The fern is procedurally modeled, and so is the cloud in the background. A bump map is applied on the planar floor to simulate the appearance of grass, while a color texture map is applied onto the vase (and sticks onto the shards as the vase explodes). Individual frames are motion-blurred (see frame 11 for example). Realism is added by the appearance of collision detection between the vase shards and the floor (implemented as a simple one-coordinate test) and the fern's hand-crafted bouncing after the red ball is dropped into the vase.

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