CS 348b

Computer Graphics: Image Synthesis Techniques

Pat Hanrahan


24 May '02 - Somewhat revised lrt book available.

Final Project and Rendering Competition; proposal is due on Monday, May 20th, rendering competition is on Friday, June 7th.

15 May '02 - Homework 4 due in class

25 Apr. '02 - Homework 3 assigned.

12 Apr. '02 - The lrt book available in electronic form (with minor corrections).

11 Apr. '02 - Homework 2 assigned.

10 Apr. '02 - Last call for printed copies of the lrt book. If you want a copy and aren't already on our list, e-mail cs348b@graphics.stanford.edu.

4 Apr. '02 - The missing page from handout #2 is available in the hanging file for the course (in Gates 377 - the copier room in Gates 3B wing).

4 Apr. '02 - Homework 1 assigned.

2 Apr. '02 - Please register for the course!


This course provides a broad overview of the theory and practice of rendering. Classic rendering algorithms will be covered, however, most of the course will cover current methods and algorithms for physically-based rendering.

Lecture Schedule

All lecture slides will be placed online the night before class. Please try to do the readings in advance. Note: these lecture slides were not designed to be self-explanatory. I write on the slides and add a great deal of material during class.

Apr 2 The Goals of Rendering
Apr 4 Ray Tracing I: Basic Algorithms
Apr 9 Ray Tracing II: Acceleration Techniques
Apr 11 The Light Field I
Apr 16 The Light Field II
Apr 18 Monte Carlo Integration I
Apr 23 Cameras and Film
Apr 25 Sampling and Reconstruction: Filtering, Aliasing and Antialiasing
Apr 30 Monte Carlo Integration II
May 2 Reflection Models I: BRDFs, Diffuse
May 7 Reflection Models II: Glossy
May 9 Texture and Materials (Multiple Importance Sampling, Phases of the Moon)
May 14 Participating Media and Volumetric Scattering
May 16 Light Transport and the Rendering Equation
May 21 Monte Carlo Path Tracing
May 23 Irradiance Caching and Photon Maps
May 28 Radiosity
May 30 Current Topics in Rendering
June 7 Final Projects Due; Rendering Competition


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