CS448: Experiments in Digital Television


Sep 24: Organizational Meeting
Sep 29: History and Vision of TV (Pat & Serge)
History of TV
Future Vision of TV
Oct 01: Standards (Philipp)
Basic Television Technology
Formats, Aspect Ratios, and Interlacing
Analog and Digital Standards
Principles of MPEG-1 and MPEG-2
Oct 06: The Intel PCTV: Video HW and SW (Serge & Milton)
Oct 08: Project Brainstorming (All)
Lecture of the Future
3D Television
Transmission of 3D Environments
Video Panoramas
Multi-resolution Video
Information Mural
Oct 13: MPEG-4 and Other Second Generation Video Coding Techniques (Milton)
Overview of MPEG-4 Visual Coding and Systems
Layered video
Structured video
Meshed video
Oct 15: IBR I: Panoramas and Light Fields (Pat)
Oct 20: IBR II: RGBZ View Interpolation (Pat)
Project Proposals Due
Oct 22: IBR III: Model-Based Methods (Philipp)
Oct 27: Project and Debate Discussions
Oct 29: Projects Review I
Lecture of the Future
DTV Panoramas
Nov 3 : Projects Review II
Video Game
Overlays and Instant Replay
Interactive Video Codec
Nov 5: Debate: Encryption and Pay-per-View in DTV
Pro:Rustan Eklund, Leif Kirchoff, Bobby Lee
Contra: Ben Mowery, Chuck Fraleigh
Nov 10: DTV versus Internet Streaming Multimedia:

        Similarities, Differences, and Applications Implications
Anoop Gupta, Microsoft
Nov 12: QuickTime: Architecture for Extensible Interactive Video
Ken Turkowski, Apple
Nov 17: Augmenting Digital Video with Spatial Information
Eric Chen, Live Picture
The use of digital videos shouldn't be confined in increasing the quality and resolution of videos but also in offering information that can't be delivered with the traditional analog media. In particular, spatial information, such as panoramas of a location, can be embedded and synchronized with temporal information to augment video playback experiences. The talk will discuss the creation and presentation of different types of spatial informatoin and its links to digital videos
Nov 19: Digital TV: The State of the Wars
Alvy Ray Smith, Microsoft Graphics Fellow
Nov 24: Debate: Interactive TV
Pro: Hareesh Kesavan, Edward Chang, Li-Yi Wei
Contra: Mike Schroepfer, Bennet Wilburn
Nov 26: Thanksgiving
Dec 1: Debate: Media convergence vs. media divergence
Pro (convergence): Matt Franklin, Brad Johanson
Contra (divergence): Jin Hian Lee, Richard Salvador, Bryn Fortes
Dec 3: Debate: Will IBR take over triangles
Pro: Brad Nelson
Contra: Peter Chou
Dec 8:
Dec 10: Project Demonstrations
Transmission from INTEL