CS 448A - Topics in Computer Graphics

Digital photography and image-based rendering

Selected readings

A subset of these readings are cited in the online lecture notes, and a subset of those will be handed out in class. In the list below, the "Comments:" fields were added informally by Steve or Marc, and are not guaranteed to be correct. If you see an error, let us know. The "File: directory/filename" fields refers to /u/levoy/downloaded/directory/filename, but you must be logged on to one of the graphics lab machines to access these files. These files have typically been downloaded from the web, so they should be easy to find using google.

Traditional Photography

Photographic technique

Camera technology

Light fields

Primary papers

Background papers about light fields

Analysis of light fields

Implications and extensions of light fields

Surface light fields (parameterized by u,v surface location x 2D direction)

Light field camera arrays (i.e. hardware)

Other light field acquisition hardware

Shape from light fields (i.e. from a 2D array of 2D images)

Image-based rendering

View interpolation with Z (i.e. disparity-compensated view interpolation)

Other image-based rendering techniques

Applications of IBR

High-X imaging



Texture synthesis algorithms

Super-resolution using texture synthesis

High dynamic range imaging

Rendering high dynamic range images

High-speed imaging

Other high-X imaging

Selected papers on Abbas El Gamal's programmable CMOS sensor

Image and video stabilization

Multi-perspective optical systems

Background reading on perspective

Unusual panoramic formats

Multiple-center-of-projection imaging


Multi-perspective display systems

(under construction)

Autostereoscaopic displays


Integral photography

Selected readings on 3D shape acquisition

Real-time structured-light range scanning

Advanced image editing

Miscellaneous links

Courses on IBR at other institutions

Web sites about IBR

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