Motion Study
An Introduction to Animation, Cartoon Physics and Funny

Stanford University Autumn Quarter 2000-2001

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Lorie Loeb lorie@graphics.stanford.edu
(Cross-listed as Art 175)
T, TH 1-3 PM
3 units, Enrollment limited to 15

This is a hands-on animation course that will provide a foundation for future work in Computer Graphics, Digital Art and Animation. Students will experiment with the techniques, tools, principles and methods of traditional animation. This course will provide insight into why some animation seems so alive, the art of storytelling over time, and some basic methods for creating interesting motion and characters. Through lectures, hands-on exercises, motion analysis and screenings, students will learn about a variety of animation techniques and gain a basic control of timing, spacing, weight and expressive motion. At the end of the quarter, each student will have a short reel of their work plus a new insight into the art of animation.
Animation is a labor-intensive process. Students must be prepared to work hard, think creatively, refine and rework projects,
exercise their imaginations and put in a good deal of time outside of class.


This course is being offered through the Computer Science Department and co-hosted by the Art Department SUDAC program.

About the instructor:

Lorie Loeb is an acclaimed animator, filmmaker and teacher. Her films and the films she has worked on have won numerous awards and been screened across the United States and internationally. Screenings include: Melbourne International Film Festival Sundance Film Festival Telluride Film Festival New York Film Festival Whitney Museum of Art Biennale Chitribani Theatre in India Philippine Cultural Center the Museum of Modern Art, NY Quarryman's Museum Spike and Mike's Festival of Animation Sesame Street Fox Television Captain Kangaroo and Channel 4 in London. She has taught animation and film production at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, the Rhode Island School of Design and San Francisco State. Since moving back to the Bay Area from NY four years ago, Ms. Loeb has been working as an animation consultant at Interval Research in Palo Alto, in addition to directing and animating several commercials. She was also Animation Director on Making Tutti, an hour-long documentary with animation, which was nominated for an Emmy and aired on PBS nationally.

Lorie has worked with some acclaimed computer scientists as a consultant/content designer/co-researcher. She worked with Ken Perlin at NYU on his Scratch and Pad programs and Tom Ngo at Interval Research.