CS448 Class Schedule for Winter Quarter '99-'00

Sessions in which students will present papers are indicated in green. For the actual papers that will be discussed in these sessions see the student talk schedule.


January 5
January 7
Triangle Meshes Triangle Meshes
January 12
January 14
Combinatorial Topology Surface Simplification
January 19
January 21
Subdivision Surfaces Subdivision Surfaces
January 26
January 28
Splines on Manifolds Splines on Manifolds
February 2
February 4
Rigid-Body Dynamics Triangle Meshes
February 9
February 11
Collision Detection Surface Simplification
February 16
February 18
Collision Detection Mesh Compression
February 23
February 25
Flexible Models Subdivision Surfaces
March 1
March 3
Rigid-Body Dynamics Collision Detection
March 8
March 10
Flexible Models Flexible Models
March 15
March 17