LightShop: Interactive Light Field Manipulation and Rendering


Daniel Horn

Stanford University

Billy Chen



To be presented at I3D 2007




Light fields can be used to represent an object's appearance with a high degree of realism. However, unlike their geometric counterparts, these image-based representations lack user control for manipulating them. We present a system that allows a user to interactively manipulate, composite and render multiple light fields. LightShop is a modular system consisting of three parts: 1) a set of functions that allow a user to model a scene containing multiple light fields, 2) a ray-shading language that describes how an image should be constructed from a set of light fields, and 3) a real-time light field rendering system in OpenGL that can plug into existing 3D engines as a GLSL shader.
We show applications in digital photography and we demonstrate how to integrate light fields into a modern space-flight game using LightShop.





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A video showing light field editing results using our system. (WMV 41 MB)
Implementation details are in the paper.