Data Formats

For 323, we have train and test data as hdf5. We also provide the raw scanned and complete data at 323 and 1283 in custom binary formats:

Input Data

We provide virtually scanned partial models as from ShapeNet Core, as well as their corresponding distance transforms of the complete models. Files are structured [class id]/[model id]__[trajectory id]__.[sdf/df]

Point cloud representations of the partial scans: The trajectories for each shapenet model can be found here: (115MB). The trajectories for shapenet images test set can be found here: (321KB).


We provide two synthetic test benchmarks of 1200 partial models each (shapenet model id list here). The images benchmark contains models scanned with a single depth image using a horizontal camera, while the scans benchmark contains models scanned from a trajectory with at least one depth image. We also provide a real test benchmark on real scan data based on the dataset from Qi et. al. 2016, containing instances from the chair, desk, nightstand, sofa, and table categories.

Point cloud representations:

Our results:

Trained models (including classifier): (740MB)

1 norm to ground truth distance field (masked)


scans, 323

scans, 1283

images, 323

images, 1283

epn-unet-class + synth [1] 0.309 1.80 0.374 1.89
epn-unet + synth [1] 0.310 1.82 0.379 1.91
epn-class + synth [1] 0.376 1.92 0.483 2.16
epn + synth [1] 0.382 1.94 0.512 2.33
3d ShapeNets [2] - - 0.905 3.70
ShapeRecon [3] - - 0.970 4.63
Poisson Surface Reconstruction [4,5] - - 1.91 8.46

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[1] A. Dai, C. Qi, M. Nießner. Shape Completion using 3D-Encoder-Predictor CNNs and Shape Synthesis. CVPR 2017.
[2] Z. Wu, S. Song, A. Khosla, F. Yu, L. Zhang, X. Tang, J. Xiao. 3D ShapeNets: A Deep Representation for Volumetric Shapes. CVPR 2015.
[3] J. Rock, T. Gupta, J. Thorsen, J. Gwak, D. Shin, D. Hoiem. Completing 3D Object Shape from One Depth Image. CVPR 2015.
[4] M. Kazhdan, M. Bolitho, H. Hoppe. Poisson Surface Reconstruction. Eurographics Symposium on Geometry Processing 2016.
[5] M. Kazhdan, H. Hoppe. Screened Poisson Surface Reconstruction. SIGGRAPH 2013.