Software Packages

Here is a list of available software packages developed by members of our research group and software archives available at Stanford. Clicking on any icon image or package name gives you a description of the package and instructions for obtaining the software, or you can return to our home page.

During the period 1995-2007, this software was (unless otherwise noted) covered by the Stanford Computer Graphics Laboratory's custom-written General Software License. For downloads beginning on August 23, 2007, this software is (unless otherwise noted) covered by a new General Software License, which is based on the BSD license. (As an example of an exception, WireGL's license prohibits commercial resale, lease, or licensing.)

Digital Video Stabilization and Rolling Shutter Correction using Gyroscopes
Based on the paper of the same name, by Alexandre Karpenko, David Jacobs, Jongmin Baek, and Marc Levoy.

ImageStack: A command-line calculator for images - including implementations of algorithms from the recent computational photography literature

LFDisplay: a GPU-accelerated real-time light field viewer
Although LFDisplay can display any light field, its user interface is customized for microscopy.
The web page includes instructions on how to build your own Light Field Microscope (LFM).

aperture - the Flash-based real-time light field viewer that is used in the (New) Stanford Light Field Archive

Versions available:
for Mac OS 10
for Microsoft Windows
for X Windows under Linux or BSD
Authors: Brian Curless, Marc Levoy, Yung-Yu Chuang, Tz-Huan Huang, Shan-Yung Yang

Snoop: an interactive utility for zooming into images and plotting pixel values

ScanView: a system for remote visualization of scanned 3D models

Scanalyze: a system for aligning and merging range data

findgrid - an automatic calibration grid detector

Volfill: a hole filler based on volumetric diffusion

QSplat: A Multiresolution Point Rendering System

WireGL: Software for Tiled Rendering

GLT: An OpenGL Tracing Utility

LightPack Light Field Authoring and Rendering Package

VripPack Volumetric Range Image Processing Package

VolPack Volume Rendering Library

ZipPack Polygon Mesh Zippering Package

bv - a BRDF browser

The Stanford Graphics Archive

ftp site for Rayshade, back issues of Ray Tracing News, source code from the Graphics Gems series of books, and much more.

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