picture of Brian   Brian Lee
Ph.D. Alumnus, Computer Science Department
Stanford University
balee at cs dot stanford dot edu

My doctoral research was on adaptive interaction techniques for sharing and reusing design resources; I officially submitted my dissertation in December of 2007. In my dissertation, I examined the use of augmented paper and digital tools for supporting design practice. My advisor was Professor Scott Klemmer.

Previously, I worked with Professor Terry Winograd on several Interactive Workspaces projects dealing with usability issues in collaborative colocated spaces, as well as course tools and support for mobile interaction designers. I found teaching alongside these professors and mentoring student researchers to be among the most rewarding aspects of graduate study.

I am currently employed at Palantir Technologies, a Palo Alto-based startup developing platforms for human-driven visual analytics.


CS377A: Mobile Interaction
ta with Scott Klemmer, Spring 2005

CS147: Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction Design
ta with Terry Winograd, Autumn 2001 and Autumn 2004; assisted in redesign of course Autumn 2005


In other lives, I enjoy photography (social and wedding), dancing (social and vintage), fine dining, and games of many flavors.





selected publications

Designing with Interactive Example Galleries
Brian Lee, Savil Srivastava, Ranjitha Kumar, Ronen Brafman, Scott R Klemmer. In Proceedings of CHI 2010.



Patterns of Collaboration in Design Courses: Team dynamics affect technology appropriation, artifact creation, and course performance
Heidy Maldonado, Brian Lee, Scott R. Klemmer, Roy D. Pea. In Proceedings of CSCL 2007.


ICrafter: A Service Framework for Ubiquitous Computing Environments
Shankar R. Ponnekanti, Brian Lee, Armando Fox, Pat Hanrahan, Terry Winograd. In Proceedings of UbiComp 2001.