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Bryan Chan

353 Serra Mall, Gates Room 382
Stanford, CA 94305

I am a third year Ph.D. student of Pat Hanrahan in the Vis Group of the Computer Graphics Lab. My main interests are in information visualization and computer graphics, and the projects I am currently involved in include collaborative visual exploration of web-scale data sets like Wikipedia and using ranking with illustration techniques.
Bryan Chan, Leslie Wu, Justin Talbot, Mike Cammarano, Pat Hanrahan. Vispedia: Interactive Visual Exploration of Wikipedia Data via Search-Based Integration. to appear in IEEE InfoVis 2008. [web]
Mike Cammarano, Luna Dong, Bryan Chan, Jeff Klingner, Justin Talbot, Alon Halevy, Pat Hanrahan. Visualization of Heterogeneous Data. IEEE InfoVis 2007. [web] [doi]

Here are some of the things I was involved in while working on the Sh project as a Master's student at the University of Waterloo:

Bryan Chan. Static Analysis for Efficient Affine Arithmetic on GPUs. MMath Thesis. 2007. [doi]
Michael McCool, Stefanus Du Toit, Tiberiu S. Popa, Bryan Chan, Kevin Moule. Shader Algebra. Proc. of SIGGRAPH 2004. [web] [doi]
Bryan Chan and Michael McCool. Worley Textures in Sh. Poster at SIGGRAPH 2004