Flow Map Layout Code

This page contains alpha releases of a program that generates flow maps and its source code. This is derived from the code that was described in the Flow Map Layout paper that appeared in Infovis 2005, by Doantam Phan, Ling Xiao, Ron Yeh, Terry Winograd, and Pat Hanrahan.

The code is released under a Berkeley Software Distribution License.

Let's Make Some Maps

If you want to run the software and make some simple flow maps of your own, you can download a set of files that work with Java 5 or better. We provide some sample data files in a .csv (comma separate value) format on which the code should work. We make no guarantees about anything else.

download: flowmap.0.1.alpha.zip and get instructions about how to run the software.

Just The Code, Please

If you want to take a look at the source code, download: flowmap.0.1.alpha.src.zip. We recommend using eclipse to open up the project tree. For those of you using prefuse, this uses an older version of prefuse than the current release.

Technical Notes

The code here is a cleaned up and simplified version of the code that was used to generate the images in the paper. It is research code and probably has a few (or more) bugs. In particular, it doesn't support multiple layers, there is no legend, and the clustering that is used is slightly different, which makes the maps look a little different, which can be seen by running the code on the provided data. Unfortunately the full version of the code is not available.

If you are interested in modifying the code, it might help to look at the slides from the Infovis 2005 talk.

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