Doantam Phan

dphan at cs dot stanford dot edu

I completed my PhD in computer science at Stanford in December 2007.

My interests are in human-computer interaction and information visualization. My advisor was Terry Winograd. Read more about my projects and publications.

My dissertation project allows network system administrators to visualize intrusions using timelines and event plots. You can see an example of the interface on youtube. My thesis is available, as are my defense slides (pdf)

Supporting the Visualization and Forensic Analysis of Network Events
Doctoral Dissertation

Visual Analysis of Network Flow Data with Timelines and Event Plots
Doantam Phan, John Gerth, Marcia Lee, Andreas Paepcke, and Terry Winograd
Proceedings of VizSEC 2007

Progressive Multiples for Communication-Minded Visualization
Doantam Phan, Andreas Paepcke, and Terry Winograd
Proceedings of Graphics Interface 2007

Flow Map Layout
Doantam Phan, Ling Xiao, Ron Yeh, Terry Winograd, and Pat Hanrahan
Proceedings of Information Visualization 2005

download the source code and jar files